Update History

This page shows the recent and historical updates for the site.

May 16, 2024 Japanese Roll Over Lay Down (Live) promo added [link]
May 13, 2024 Lebanese Ice In The Sun - extra scan and promo added [link]
May 02, 2024 Brazil Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Apr 29, 2024 Down The Dustpipe - additional w/l promo [link]
When You Walk In The Room - unnumbered picture disc [link]
Apr 11, 2024 Some updated images in the Argentina Singles section [link]
Apr 01, 2024 Almost But Not Quite There reissue [link]
Mar 10, 2024 Improved French In The Army Now image [link]
Mar 05, 2024 Paper Plane - US stock copy [link]
Feb 13, 2024 Argentina Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Feb 07, 2024 Mean Girl - Darker Blue Label [link]
Jan 11, 2024 Spotlight On Status Quo Volume 1 - additional label [link]
Hello! - UK Sleeve with Gold Stars [link]
Quo - UK Sleeve with Gold Stars [link]
Blue For You - UK Sleeve with Gold Stars [link]
Dec 21, 2023 Official Archive Series Vol 2: Live in Amsterdam - updated images [link]
Dec 03, 2023 Africa Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Dec 01, 2023 Lebanon Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Nov 29, 2023 Menu look and feel updated
Nov 27, 2023 Lots of "under the covers" site enhancements
Nov 14, 2023 Down The Dustpipe - another w/l promo (or bootleg) [link]
Nov 08, 2023 Anniversary Waltz - White Label v5 [link]
Oct 30, 2023 What You're Proposing - German mispress [link]
Sep 15, 2023 Garry Fielding Status Quo Collectors Page - Archive [link]
Aug 21, 2023 Official Archive Series Vol 1: Live in Amsterdam [link]
Aug 20, 2023 Mean Girl - Japanese Promo CD Single [link]
Paper Plane - Promo [link]
Mean Girl - extra Acetate [link]
Jul 23, 2023 Again and Again - Additional Yugoslavian Label [link]
Jul 21, 2023 Yugoslavia Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Jul 20, 2023 Rock 'Til You Drop - New promo sticker on standard sleeve [link]
Jul 04, 2023 Portugal Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Jun 16, 2023 Quo - Shop poster image as given free with some albums [link]
Paper Plane - New label variation (Solid paper without country ref) [link]
Dear John - Acetate [link]
Caroline (Live at the NEC) - Acetate [link]
Ol' Rag Blues - Additional Acetate [link]
May 15, 2023 Anniversary Waltz - White Label v4 [link]
Burning Bridges Spanish promo without rear sticker [link]
Knebworth Spanish Sampler - different rear sleeve [link]
Rollin' Home - Shop promo advert [link]
A Mess of Blues fake sleeve removed. New section on worthless fake sleeves coming soon.
May 06, 2023 The Frantic Four's Final Fling- inner sleeve scan [link]
Apr 28, 2023 Spain Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Apr 25, 2023 Fakin' the Blues - UK 12" W/L Promo added [link]
Apr 22, 2023 Down Down - Japanese Promo - updated image [link]
Mar 09, 2023 Blue For You - Additional Advert [link]
Jan 31, 2023 Hello - UK Label variation [link]
Messages From The Status Quo - Mispressed label [link]
Down The Dustpipe - Japanese alternative inner sleeve [link]
Anniversary Waltz - White Label v3 [link]
Jan 25, 2023 In My Chair - UK Label variation [link]
Down The Dustpipe - UK "Demo stamped" issue [link]
Jan 21, 2023 Running All Over The World - yet more 7" label combinations [link]
Dec 29, 2022 Christmas Time (UK / Ger Reissue) - Ltd 10" Single [link]
Christmas Time Reissue - CD Single [link]
Dec15, 2022 UK 7" Boxed Sets - White label promos [link]
Updated release dates and chart info for French Singles [link]
Dec 05, 2022 Ireland Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Oct 28, 2022 Quo album - sleeve variation with embossed promo stamp [link]
Oct 10, 2022 Japan Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Oct 03, 2022 Aquostic: Live @ The Roundhouse - sleeve variation [link]
Sep 28, 2022 Menu System change - now above logos (please report any issues!)
Sep 27, 2022 Little Dreamer - sleeve with release stickered [link]
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like - Dutch sleeve variation [link]
Whatever You Want - Publishing credit variation [link]
Dog of Two Head - Minor UK label variation [link]
12 Gold Bars - Minor UK label variations [link]
Aug 24, 2022 Not At All - UK Label variation [link]
Shop display for 12 Gold Bars 1&2 [link]
Jul 22, 2022 Additional Pictures of Matchstick Men Scandinavian label [link]
Additional Ice In The Sun Scandinavian sleeve and label [link]
Jun 20, 2022 Scandinavia Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Jul 19, 2022 Restless - Promo Cassette Single [link]
Black Veils of Melancholy - Extra Review [link]
Technicolour Dreams - Press Sheet [link]
If You Can't Stand The Heat - promo sticker [link]
Jul 04, 2022 Hello! - additional UK reissues with 'Status Quo' stamp on rear [link]
Jun 29, 2022 Ol' Rag Blues - French white label promo [link]
Jun 17, 2022 Italy Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Jun 14, 2022 Pictures of Matchstick Men - extra US variation [link]
Back To Back - extra UK advert [link]
May 24, 2022 Austria Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
May 23, 2022 Acetate for USA Rockin' All Over The World album [link]
Apr 28, 2022 New Zealand Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Apr 15, 2022 Dog of Two Head - "Made in Italy" for UK label [link]
Paper Plane - Red Promo test label - 'B' Side scan and more details [link]
Apr 03, 2022 Rockers Rollin' - Australian plain rear sleeve [link]
Down The Dustpipe - Australian "hybrid" labels [link]
Apr 01, 2022 Going Down Town Tonight - German large centre [link]
1+9+8+2 Promo stamped sleeve and white label [link]
Just Supposin' extra merchandise scan and corrected descriptions [link]
Mar 30, 2022 Australian Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Guide to Australian company sleeves [link]
Mar 27, 2022 Who Gets The Love - Spine scan on German CD single in case [link]
Mar 09, 2022 (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet - Genuine solid centre [link]
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like - Dutch Radio Promo [link]
Sherri Don't Fail Me Now - European CD single in case [link]
Jan 27, 2022 Down The Dustpipe Acetate [link]
Little White Lies - improved promo CD single scans [link]
Jan 24, 2022 Several CD single updates thanks to Damien McKay
Jump That Rock - Additional Dutch CD Single and Australian disc [link]
The Way It Goes CD Single - additional variant and better scans [link]
German Mony Mony Promo CD Single / Album Sampler [link]
German Paper Plane Promo CD Single [link]
And It's Better Now - Additional CD Single [link]
German Pictures of Matchstickmen Promo CD Single - better scan [link]
German Break The Rules Promo CD Single [link]
Jan 07, 2022 German Little Dreamer CD Single [link]
Jan 05, 2022 Promo sleeve variation added for Last Night of the Electrics album [link]
Jan 02, 2022 Dutch Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Dec 27, 2021 Additional label for USA Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon [link]
Nov 17, 2021 Dreamin' - UK 7" large blue centre "dinked" for jukeboxes [link]
Nov 16, 2021 Roadhouse Medley - additional Cassette Single [link]
Nov 15, 2021 Minor sleeve variation added for Pictures of Matchstick Men album [link]
Nov 14, 2021 Rear sleeve scan added for Movin' On CD Single promo [link]
Additional Backbone advert [link]
Additional "Rest of" RSD adverts [link]
Additional Piledriver review [link]
Additional Live! advert [link]
Better Rollin' Home b/w advert from Sounds magazine [link]
Nov 01, 2021 Belgian Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Oct 17, 2021 Piledriver - some improved US scans [link]
Oct 13, 2021 French Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Oct 12, 2021 Masters Collection - new LP release [link]
Oct 07, 2021 Backbone - German Promo CD Single [link]
Sep 16, 2021 The Anniversary Waltz Cassingle - Australian version [link]
Sep 14, 2021 Minor label variation for Picturesque Matchstickable.. reissue [link]
Minor label variation for Quo-tations Vol 2.. reissue [link]
Corrected tracklisting for Rock 'Til You Drop CD Single [link]
Aug 08, 2021 If You Can't Stand The Heat - sleeves with embossed gold stars [link]
Piledriver - sleeve with embossed rear cover [link]
In The Army Now - sleeve with embossed promo stamp on rear [link]
Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon - extra US promo label [link]
Ol' Rag Blues - blue vinyl "dinked" copy [link]
Mean Girl - lighter blue/grey label [link]
Caroline - jukebox copy with correct B-side credits [link]
Jul 27, 2021 German Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Jul 19, 2021 Down The Dustpipe - extra US variation [link]
Jul 13, 2021 If You Can't Stand The Heat - extra adverts [link]
Red Sky - extra acetate [link]
Technicolor Dreams - Canadian variation with promo stamp [link]
Jun 27, 2021 Fireworks Magazine reviews of Albums [85] [96] [104]
Jun 12, 2021 Record Store Day 2021 "The Rest of" reissue [link]
Record Store Day 2021 Live At Knebworth EP [link]
Jun 01, 2021 Canadian Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Canadian Vinyl Albums section launched [link]
Canadian Compilations section launched [link]
May 26, 2021 US Compilation - History of British Rock added [link]
May 24, 2021 UK Hello! album with Gold stars [link]
May 23, 2021 UK Rockin' All Over The World album with Gold stars [link]
May 22, 2021 Back 2 SQ1 Reissue - extra barcode images [link]
May 16, 2021 Rockin' All Over The World - Extra press literature [link]
May 12, 2021 Piledriver - extra US label and inner sleeve [link]
May 06, 2021 Site updated to default to https (secure) traffic if your browser supports it
May 04, 2021 Fireworks Magazine reviews of Albums [77] [103] [106] [107]
May 02, 2021 Fireworks Magazine reviews of 7" Box Sets [92] [93] [94] [95]
Apr 21, 2021 Live E.P. Silver injection label with promo release date sticker [link]
Apr 09, 2021 US Vinyl Albums section launched [link]
US Miscellaneous Vinyl section launched [link]
Mar 21, 2021 If You Can't Stand The Heat - sleeve variation [link]
Black Veils of Melancholy - new variation [link]
Mar 17, 2021 Pictures of Matchstick Men - Extra US variation [link]
Down Down - Extra US variation [link]
Technicolour Dreams - Extra US scans [link]
Mar 16, 2021 Gerdundula - 2nd US Promo [link]
Ice In The Sun - US Sheet Music image [link]
Paper Plane - US Sheet Music image [link]
Black Veils of Melancholy - US Promo - better scans [link]
Mar 15, 2021 US Vinyl Singles section launched [link]
Mar 12, 2021 Lots of updates to the CD Singles, courtesy of Robert Gear
And It's Better Now - 2nd Promo CDR [link]
Bula Bula Quo - German Promo CDR [link]
Hold You Back - Promo CDR extra images [link]
Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You - German Promo CDR [link]
It's Christmas Time - Promo CDR extra images [link]
You'll Come Round - Promo CDRs [link]
All That Counts Is Love - Promo disc image [link]
The Party Ain't Over Yet - Promo CDR [link]
Jam Side Down - 2nd European CD Single [link]
When I'm Dead and Gone CD Promo - disc and rear sleeve [link]
Restless - European CD Single - additional card sleeve [link]
Can't Give You More - European CD Single [link]
Who Gets The Love - German CD in plastic case [link]
Mar 06, 2021 Label image for 2021 Dog of Two Head reissue [link]
Feb 23, 2021 Some folder name changes in anticipation of upcoming discographies
Feb 20, 2021 Improved experience on mobile devices
Feb 19, 2021 New images for 2021 Dog of Two Head reissue [link]
Feb 18, 2021 The Anniversary Waltz Part 2 - correct cassette case added [link]
Feb 17, 2021 Who Gets The Love - new advert [link]
Feb 16, 2021 Can't Give You More - Promo CD image [link]
Feb 15, 2021 Worldwide CD Singles section launched [link]
Worldwide Cassette Singles section launched [link]
New navigation menu and homepage
Feb 11, 2021 Mean Girl - "dinked" large centre [link]
1+9+8+2 sleeve with "Quo" price label [link]
Ain't Complaining - additional acetate and advert [link]
Feb 02, 2021 New black vinyl Picturesque Matchstickable Messages [link]
Jan 2021 Various "behind the scenes" improvements
Dec 01, 2020 Piledriver - Variation with different spelling of titles [link]
Nov 28, 2020 General housekeeping and spelling corrections
Oct 28, 2020 Launch of the remaining (101-119) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Oct 23, 2020 Just Supposin' side 2 acetates [link]
Oct 15, 2020 Whatever You Want - Sleeve with "Limited Edition" sticker [link]
Oct 14, 2020 Piledriver - Gatefold sleeve with 2 gold stars [link]
Oct 13, 2020 Aquostic album - UK and German made variations [link]
Oct 11, 2020 Launch of the next twenty five (76-100) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Just Supposin' sleeves with gold stars [link]
Rockin' All Over The World - Old Gold promo [link]
Burning Bridges - black label promo [link]
Oct 10, 2020 Ain't Complaining album - promo box contents [link]
Down Down - Flexi test pressing [link]
Accident Prone - White Label Promo [link]
Ain't Complaining - additional scans [link]
Running All Over The Word - test pressing [link]
Oct 01, 2020 Twitter feed added to site. Follow for updates.
Sep 18, 2020 Brand new contact page - now allows sending of attachments [link]
Sep 17, 2020 Promo 12" poster sleeve for Dreamin' 12" single [link]
Sep 11, 2020 1+9+8+2 promo sleeve [link]
Pictures of Matchstick Men - reissue hype sleeve [link]
Down Down - Gold Flexidisc promo [link]
Sep 08, 2020 Launch of the next fifteen (61-75) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Sep 06, 2020 Live album- Minor label variation and square inner sleeves [link]
Aug 31, 2020 Running All Over The World - Another Label variation [link]
Marguerita Time - Details of side 'B' runout variation [link]
Back To Back - Front sleeve sticker variations [link]
Aug 17, 2020 Launch of the next ten (51-60) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Aug 10, 2020 Launch of the next twenty (31-50) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Aug 05, 2020 Links to other Quo sites [link]
Jul 30, 2020 Launch of the next ten (21-30) UK vinyl album pages [link]
Jul 28, 2020 Are You Growing Tired Of My Love - Additional Promo [link]
Jul 27, 2020 Almost But Not Quite There - Orange Bootleg [link]
Running All Over The World - Label variation [link]
Live album - promo sleeve [link]
Red Sky - Advert [link]
The Price of Love - Additional Promo [link]
Technicolour Dreams - Additional Promo [link]
Hurdy Gurdy Man - Promo scan [link]
Jul 20, 2020 Launch of the first 20 UK vinyl album pages [link]
Jul 12, 2020 Ain't Complaining - 12" Promo - improved label scan [link]
Jul 03, 2020 I (Who Have Nothing) - Promo with push-out centre [link]
Jun 29, 2020 Additional jukebox version added of Again and Again [link]
Jun 28, 2020 Improved scan for Caroline (Live At The NEC) jukebox [link]
Jun 20, 2020 Advert added for Singles Boxed Set [link]
Jun 18, 2020 Extra advert added for Caroline (Live At The NEC) [link]
Jun 17, 2020 Acetate moved to flexidisc version of In My Chair [link]
Jun 16, 2020 Site Launch (Complete guide to UK vinyl singles)

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