Discography Additions

As you can imagine, there have been a number of people who have offered help and extra information to make these pages as complete as possible. Any contributions are gratefully received, but Les and Matthew would like to give special thanks to these who have gone "above and beyond" with their time and assistance:-

Garry Fielding
David "Quotagious" Doy
Robert Gear
Andy Flemmings
Tony Jones
Jason Hodgson
Peter Martin
Kim Aakjær
David Taylor
John Dalton
Günter Röder
Jörg Günther
Dave Oxley
Philippe Duponteil
Damien McKay
Risto Pesu
Olle Östergård
Andy Poulter
David Johnson

+ Members of the "The Status Quo Vinyl Collectors Corner" Facebook Group [link]

Thanks also to the FTMO fanclub for featuring the site in their magazine.

Technical Credits

Les and Matthew run this site very much as a hobby for the benefit of other fans and we are not web designers. We have therefore borrowed inspiration from across the web and in some cases, built on freely available code and learnings that other have shared. We'd therefore also like to give those sites credit here.

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