Update History

This page shows the recent and hstorical updates for the site

Nov 28, 2020 General housekeeping and spelling corrections
Oct 28, 2020 Launch of the remaining (101-119) vinyl album pages [link]
Oct 23, 2020 Just Supposin' side 2 acetates [link]
Oct 15, 2020 Whatever You Want - Sleeve with "Limited Edition" sticker [link]
Oct 14, 2020 Piledriver - Gatefold sleeve with 2 gold stars [link]
Oct 13, 2020 Aquostic album - UK and German made variations [link]
Oct 11, 2020 Launch of the next twenty five (76-100) vinyl album pages [link]
Just Supposin' sleeves with gold stars [link]
Rockin' All Over The World - Old Gold promo [link]
Burning Bridges - black label promo [link]
Oct 10, 2020 Ain't Complaining album - promo box contents [link]
Down Down - Flexi test pressing [link]
Accident Prone - White Label Promo [link]
Ain't Complaining - additional scans [link]
Running All Over The Word - test pressing [link]
Oct 01, 2020 Twitter feed added to site. Follow for updates.
Sep 18, 2020 Brand new contact page - now allows sending of attachments [link]
Sep 17, 2020 Promo 12" poster sleeve for Dreamin' 12" single [link]
Sep 11, 2020 1+9+8+2 promo sleeve [link]
Pictures of Matchstick Men - reissue hype sleeve [link]
Down Down - Gold Flexidisc promo [link]
Sep 08, 2020 Launch of the next fifteen (61-75) vinyl album pages [link]
Sep 06, 2020 Live album- Minor label variation and square inner sleeves [link]
Aug 31, 2020 Running All Over The World - Another Label variation [link]
Marguerita Time - Details of side 'B' runout variation [link]
Back To Back - Front sleeve sticker variations [link]
Aug 17, 2020 Launch of the next ten (51-60) vinyl album pages [link]
Aug 10, 2020 Launch of the next twenty (31-50) vinyl album pages [link]
Aug 05, 2020 Links to other Quo sites [link]
Jul 30, 2020 Launch of the next ten (21-30) vinyl album pages [link]
Jul 28, 2020 Are You Growing Tired Of My Love - Additional Promo [link]
Jul 27, 2020 Almost But Not Quite There - Orange Bootleg [link]
Running All Over The World - Label variation [link]
Live album - promo sleeve [link]
Red Sky - Advert [link]
The Price of Love - Additional Promo [link]
Technicolour Dreams - Additional Promo [link]
Hurdy Gurdy Man - Promo scan [link]
Jul 20, 2020 Launch of the first 20 vinyl album pages [link]
Jul 12, 2020 Ain't Complaining - 12" Promo - improved label scan [link]
Jul 03, 2020 I (Who Have Nothing) - Promo with push-out centre [link]
Jun 29, 2020 Additional jukebox version added of Again and Again [link]
Jun 28, 2020 Improved scan for Caroline (Live At The NEC) jukebox [link]
Jun 20, 2020 Advert added for Singles Boxed Set [link]
Jun 18, 2020 Extra advert added for Caroline (Live At The NEC) [link]
Jun 17, 2020 Acetate moved to flexidisc version of In My Chair [link]
Jun 16, 2020 Site Launch


As you can imagine, there have been a number of people who have offered help and extra information to make these pages as complete as possible. Any contributions are gratefully received, but Les and Matthew would like to give special thanks to these who have gone "above and beyond" with their time and assistance:-

Garry Fielding
David "Quotagious" Doy
Robert Gear
Andy Flemmings
Tony Jones
Jason Hodgson
Peter Martin

+ Members of the "The Status Quo Vinyl Collectors Corner" Facebook Group [link]

Thanks also to the FTMO fanclub for featuring the site in their magazine.